Call for abstracts

You are invited to submit an Abstract for a presentation under one of the themes 2, 3 and 4 in the programme outline below. Theme 1 will be addressed only by Keynote presentations as an introduction the topics addressed by the following themes 2, 3 and 4.

Under each of the session themes 2, 3 and 4 below a number of suggestions are made of topics which could be addressed under that theme. However, the topics listed are not prescriptive and other approaches to addressing the theme are invited.

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Leadership of Agricultural and Life Science Universities for a Sustainable World

Session themes:

  1. Meeting the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals by society as a whole and in the bioeconomy sectors in particular
    The keynotes in this plenary session will provide a frame for discussion in sessions 2, 3 and 4

    • The Sustainable Development Goals and learning for transformation
    • Climate change: instigating positive change in response to adaptation and mitigation strategies
    • Climate change, agriculture and food security – research for impact
    • Sustainable solutions in the agriculture and forestry Industries
    • The impact of gender in education and research in the bioeconomy sector

  3. Attracting and engaging youth and life long learners in the education programmes meeting the needs for a workforce that can provide sustainable solutions for the future

    • Innovative ways of attracting students, e.g. engagement with schools, fairs, scholarships, communication through social media, compelling narratives
    • Provision of life long learning opportunities to address change in the workplace
    • New knowledge and understanding for new challenges – future skills and competences required by agricultural and life science students demand curricular changes
    • Rethinking delivery of programs – new approaches to teaching and learning, e.g. open and distance elearning, MOOCs, open educational resources (OERs)
    • Mobility of students and staff for a wider understanding of the global challenges
    • Student activities outside academia – community projects, developmental experiential learning projects, internships and other work experiences in the bioeconomy sector

  5. Contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals: impact through outreach/extension, innovation and incubation, public-private partnerships and engagement with policy makers

    • Opportunities and modalities for and expectations on the engagement of universities in outreach/extension for sustainable development
    • Strategies for positive engagement with policy makers and government for sustainable development
    • University-led incubators in support of sustainable development
    • Interaction and partnership with the private sector for innovative sustainable developments

  7. Providing leadership for a sustainable world through partnership (SDG 17)

The aim will be to valorise the benefit of international collaboration between agricultural and life science universities across the world in the enhancement of their individual missions.

Short Case Studies demonstrating the outcomes of successful partnerships on a regional or global basis between universities, or between universities and stakeholders, that enhance the mission of those universities to embed evaluated good practice in the university or in the locality.